lewd and lascivious explained


Most often, lewd conduct refers to indecent exposure or public indecency. In Florida law, "lewd and lascivious conduct" refers to the touching of a person under 16 in an indecent manner, usually for the purpose of sexual gratification or arousal of the offender. Indecent exposure is often charged as a misdemeanor, whereas lewd and lascivious conduct is a felony offense.

Have you been accused of lewd conduct? Under Florida law, you could be facing severe penalties, including imprisonment in state prison and registration as a sex offender. By working with a defense lawyer early on, you have the chance to contest the charges you are facing. 

No one - law enforcement, the prosecution, the judge or the jury - is going to be on your side when you go to trial. But by having an attorney to represent you, you will have a licensed legal professional who is looking out for your interests. You have the chance to have your side of the story communicated to the jury.

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Lewd and Lascivious Conduct / Lewd and Lascivious Exhibition


In Title XLVI, Chapter 800.04 of the Florida Statutes, lewd and lascivious conduct and lewd and lascivious exhibition are defined, along with their penalties.


  • Lewd and lascivious conduct involves the touching of a minor under the age of 16 in a manner which is indecent or sexual. Soliciting a minor to commit a lewd or lascivious act is also a violation of the law.


  • Lewd and lascivious exhibition involves indecent exposure, masturbation or performance of sexual acts in the physical presence of or over the internet to a minor under the age of 16.

  • When committed by an adult 18 or older, both these offenses are 2nd Degree Felonies and are punishable by up to 15 years in state prison.

  • When committed by a minor under the age of 18, both crimes are 3rd Degree Felonies and are punishable by up to 5 years in state prison.

  • NOTE: It is not a valid defense, in regards to these crimes, for the accused to deny knowledge of the victim's age, even when the victim intentionally misrepresented his or her age to the accused.

As you can see, these crimes carry heavy penalties for the accused. It is of the utmost importance, if you have been accused of any type of sex-related crime, to consult a skilled defense lawyer as soon as possible.


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The material on this page represents general legal advice. Since the law is continually changing, some of the provisions contained here may be out of date. It is always best to consult a criminal defense attorney about your legal rights and responsibilities regarding your particular case.